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  Winter is Safer in a Nissan Qashqai or Datsun GO!
Hi [name]. Winter is here and with it comes the worsening of driving conditions across the country. Many car manufacturers and retailers see this as a challenge, but to us at Nissan we see it as a time to shine. This is why all Nissan’s are built with the Real World Safety Concept in mind, allowing us to help people remain safe no matter where in South Africa they might drive. Experience Nissan’s cutting edge safety technologies when you book a test drive at Group 1 Nissan today.
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  The All New, All Safer Datsun Go  
Datsun GO
  At just R999 pm it’s Affordable Safety for SA Roads!
The Datsun Go made quite a splash recently when it hit the streets of South Africa thanks to its budget busting price of R 91,300. However, one question was on everybody’s lips – “what about the airbags?” Thanks to some clever design changes, Nissan South Africa has just the answer that Datsun fans have been waiting to hear and have announced the launch of an even safer version of this compact family car. These new and improved safety features include not one, but two safety upgrades and the Datsun GO will now come standard with Airbags and ABS! Find Out More.
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  Airbags Come as Standard
 •  Spinal Support Front Seats
 •  Intelligent Wiper & Drop Wipe
 •  Drive Computer
 •  ABS
  Priced from R 91,300 or R 999pm*   Request a Test Drive  
  The Nissan Qashqai – Safety is a Given, not an Option!  
Nissan Qashqai
  Your drive comes alive with Nissan’s safe driving technology…
The Nissan Qashqai personifies the commitment to "Real World Safety" that Nissan strives for as part of its Safety Shield concept. Because of this the Qashqai has been designed and built using advanced, proactive safety technologies, all of which combine to help the driver and passengers avoid danger and even injury in almost any conditions. Find Out More.
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  6 Airbags as Standard
 •  Electronic Brake Force Distribution
 •  Anti-Locking Brake System
 •  Vehicle Dynamic Control
  Priced from R 281,900 or R 3,299pm*   Request a Test Drive  
  Tyre Pressure & Your Car
With winter wet weather making our roads a nightmare, now is a good time to remember that incorrectly inflated tyres can result in severe danger for drivers through the increased risk of aquaplaning. Read our blog post
  More Electric Car Charging Points for SA
Currently in South Africa there are only a few charging points for electric vehicles (EV) or plug in Hybrids (PHEV) available to the public. That is about to change thanks to Nissan and BMW. Read our blog post
  Old Car Batteries Repurposed
In a move that is sure to be of interest to many South Africans, Nissan has announced that it is to team up with Green Charge Networks to repurpose used batteries from Leaf EVs as commercial energy storage. This Leaf-based green tech will first be used at one of Nissan's own facilities, but we at Group 1 see a great future for this innovation right here in SA as well.
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